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CWPC Chairman Li Renchao Leads Team to Tianjin to Sign Cooperation Framework Agreement

On April 25, SINOSURE Tianjin Branch, TCL Zhonghuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, China Western Power Industrial Co., Ltd., and Information Industry Electronic 11th Design & Research Institute of Science & Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. met in Tianjin, and the company representative, Vice President Meng Haitao, signed the Cooperation Framework Agreement with the rest of the three parties, and the four parties will jointly push forward the development of the new energy overseas projects.


At the conference, representatives of the four parties made speeches respectively. First of all, Li Xiuping, Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager of SINOSURE Tianjin Branch, expressed her warm welcome to the visit of TCL Zhonghuan New Energy, China Western Power Industrial Co., Ltd. and Information Industry Electronic 11th Design & Research Institute of Science & Technology Engineering Co.. She introduced the business situation and development overview of SINOSURE Tianjin Branch and said that as a leading insurance service provider in China, SINOSURE Tianjin Branch has made remarkable achievements in risk protection, credit insurance and other fields. In terms of “going global” strategy, SINOSURE Tianjin Branch has actively responded to the call of the state, built a platform for multi-party cooperation, and established close cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign enterprises.


Mr. Zhao Yan, Client Director and Head of Business Division 3 of SINOSURE Tianjin Branch, gave a detailed introduction of SINOSURE's project products and Tianjin “Going Global” Cooperation Platform. He indicated that through professional risk assessment and insurance protection, SINOSURE's project products can help enterprises effectively deal with all kinds of risks in international project cooperation; Tianjin “Going Global” Cooperation Platform, as a service platform jointly built by SINOSURE and Tianjin Municipal Government, will provide one-stop “Going Global” services for enterprises, including market analysis, project docking, financing support and other services. Enterprises using the platform will have easier access to international market information and resources, reducing the cost and risk of “going global”.


Zhao Zhenyuan, Chairman of the 11th Design & Research Institute for Information Industry, said that Tianjin, as an important economic center in the north, has unique geographical advantages and industrial foundation. By building a platform of “going global”, the companies can realize resource sharing, complement each other's advantages, and jointly explore the international market.


Mr. Yang Yongsheng, Deputy General Manager of TCL Zhonghuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. said that the support of SINOSURE Tianjin Branch has injected a new impetus to the company's development, and that in the future they will continue to strengthen the cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation, and open a new chapter of development together.


Wu Zhengbin, President of Tianjin Sinotech Advanced Technology Industry Co., Ltd, gave a detailed introduction of the company's operation status, business scope and market position. He emphasized that Tianjin Sinotech has strong competitiveness and market influence in the industry, and will continue to maintain a steady development trend and create more value for partners.


Chairman of CWPC, Mr. Li Renchao, expressed his gratitude to the company for the honor of going to overseas with the industry and various enterprises in Tianjin. He indicated:


CWPC will take the new energy as an opportunity to accelerate the formation of new quality productivity, make full use of the company's rich experience and strength in equipment manufacturing, waste power generation, biomass power generation, engineering turnkey, accelerated in the new energy track, and actively expand the new energy and new material industry.


CWPC will deeply integrate into the four-party cooperation to take advantage of the industry, and utilize the company's successful experience of building, investing and operating a number of overseas projects in more than 50 countries around the world, and will provide strong support for new energy photovoltaic and wind power plant projects in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.


CWPC will join hands with multiple parties to create a better future, take the new project as an opportunity, adhering to the “innovation, collaboration and win-win” to expand international cooperation, realize common development and create a brighter prospect.



Subsequently, Li Jian, Deputy Director of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, gave a detailed introduction of the favorable business environment in Tianjin and expressed his deep recognition of the “Going Global” Strategic Cooperation Platform. He said that Tianjin Bureau of Commerce will actively support the local development of the platform enterprises, provide all-round services and guarantees for the enterprises, and help them to expand the international market and enhance international competitiveness.


Li Wenhai, Vice Mayor of Tianjin, highly recognized the “Going Global” cooperation platform and expressed his great expectations for the future cooperation between the four parties. He expressed that by strengthening communication and coordination among governments, cooperation and exchange among enterprises, and financing support among financial institutions, many parties can form a synergy to jointly respond to the challenges and opportunities in the international market. This four-party cooperation is not only a new starting point, but also an important opportunity to inject new vitality into the opening-up and economic development of Tianjin and the whole country.


The statement of Tianjin municipal government leaders not only demonstrates the importance and support of Tianjin municipal government to the “going global” cooperation platform, but also conveys the firm determination of Tianjin to actively promote opening up and strengthen international cooperation. It is believed that under the joint efforts of all parties, the four-way cooperation will achieve more fruitful results.


The signing was witnessed by leaders of Tianjin Municipal Government, SINOSURE Tianjin Branch, TCL Zhonghuan New Energy Technology Company Limited, relevant personnel of the 11th Design and Research Institute of Electronics for the Information Industry (DRIIE) Science and Technology Engineering Company Limited, Vice President of the CWPC, Mr. Li Zhongyuan, and Chairman Assistant, Mr. Yang Bin.