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CWPC Visits SINOSURE Tianjin Branch and Tianjin Free Trade Zone, Positively Responds to the New Opportunity of

In the afternoon of April 24th, Chairman Li Renchao led the company's senior management team, including Director and Vice President Meng Haitao, Vice President Li Zhongyuan, and Chairman Assistant Yang Bin, to visit the Tianjin Branch of SINOSURE, and both parties had an in-depth and fruitful communication on international business cooperation. Afterwards, the company team visited Tianjin Free Trade Zone. The visit was aimed at strengthening the strategic cooperative relationship between enterprises and exploring new paths for international business development.



Ms. Li Xiuping, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of SINOSURE Tianjin Branch, personally received the meeting and introduced in detail the cooperation platform and advantages of SINOSURE in promoting the strategy of "Going Global". During the meeting, Li Xiuping introduced the business scope, service features and professional advantages of SINOSURE Tianjin Branch in the field of international business. She especially emphasized SINOSURE's rich experience and successful cases in supporting enterprises to "Going Global", and introduced in detail the "Going Global" cooperation platform built by SINOSURE, which is able to provide enterprises with a full range of credit insurance services, reduce the risk of overseas operation, and help enterprises realize their internationalization strategy.


In response to the needs of CWPC's international business, she said SINOSURE will give full play to its platform advantages, actively cooperate with the project and provide personalized risk protection and financing solutions. At the same time, she hoped that the two sides could further strengthen communication and cooperation, jointly explore more cooperation modes and business areas, and promote the development of their cooperative relationship to a higher level and a wider field.


Chairman of the company, Mr. Li Renchao, highly recognized the professional services and internationalization strategy of SINOSURE Tianjin Branch, and introduced the development plan and objectives of CWPC in international business. He emphasized that CWPC has always insisted on strengthening the energy industry, and the company has corresponding professional strength in equipment manufacturing, general contracting, new energy and environmental protection fields and new technologies. At present, the company has been actively laid out in Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries, and has been highly recognized by the countries along the "Belt and Road". CWPC has been actively responding to the national "Going Global" strategy, seeking opportunities to cooperate with international first-class enterprises. It is hoped that through in-depth cooperation with SINOSURE, they can jointly develop the international market and realize mutual benefit and win-win situation, and they also have in-depth communication with Zhao Yan, the customer director, about the specific cooperation.



After the meeting, accompanied by He Jiang, Director of Tianjin FTZ Airport Area Bureau, the company's senior management team visited Tianjin Bonded Area. He Jiang introduced in detail the policy advantages, geographical location, industrial development and future development plan of the Bonded Area. He mentioned that Tianjin Bonded Area, as an important window for China's opening up to the outside world, has well-developed supporting facilities and favorable policy environment, which provides strong support for enterprises to carry out international business. During the visit, the company's senior team expressed their appreciation for the construction and development of the Bonded Area and had in-depth exchanges on the company's plans and strategies for conducting international business in the Tianjin FTZ. The company will actively utilize the policy advantages and geographical location of Tianjin Bonded Area to strengthen the connection with the international market and promote the development of the company's international business.

The visit not only gave the company's senior team a more intuitive understanding of the development of Tianjin Bonded Area, but also strengthened the company's determination to develop international business in Tianjin FTZ. The company will make full use of the professional services of SINOSURE and the policy advantages of Tianjin Bonded Area to actively lay out the international business and enhance the competitiveness of the company's international business.


In the future, CWPC will continue to maintain close cooperation with SINOSURE Tianjin Branch to jointly explore new opportunities in international business and promote more fruitful cooperation between the two sides. At the same time, the Company will also continue to optimize its own business structure, enhance the level and competitiveness of its international business, and lay a solid foundation for its long-term development.