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Li Sun, Vice President of Next Solar Energy Group LLC in Uzbekistan, Visits the Company for Inspection and Research

On March 28th, Li Sun, Vice President of Next Solar Energy Group LLC in Uzbekistan, led a team to visit the company for inspection. The company's Chairman Li Renchao, CFO Meng Haitao, Marketing Director Li Zhongyuan, and Overseas Marketing Director Liu Liquan received the guests and their delegation.

Li Zhongyuan, the Marketing Director of the company, accompanied Vice President Li Sun and his delegation to visit the company's exhibition hall and production site for on-site inspections to understand the production and operation situation of the enterprise.

Subsequently, both parties had a discussion, and Chairman Li warmly welcomed Vice President Li Sun and his delegation to visit the company for inspection on behalf of the company. The focus was on introducing the company's professional strength in equipment manufacturing, EPC, and new technologies in the field of new energy and environmental protection. The company attaches great importance to the development of the Central Asian market and hopes to utilize its advantages in technology, products, experience, and investment and financing capabilities to provide professional system solutions for Central Asian countries. We are confident in making the project a high-quality project, boutique project, and demonstration project in Central Asia and even globally, contributing the strength of CWPC to the local socio-economic development.


In recent years, CWPC has been committed to international development, taking advantage of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy and adhering to strengthening the energy industry. At present, it has actively deployed in Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries, and has been highly recognized by customers in countries along the "the Belt and Road".

Vice President Li Sun thanked CWPC for their warm reception and said, through today's on-site inspection, we have deepened our understanding of CWPC. He affirmed the comprehensive strength of the company, especially the professional strength in clean energy engineering construction, project management, operation and maintenance management, which left a deep impression on him. He pointed out that Next Solar Energy Group LLC is actively committed to promoting the development of clean energy in Central Asian countries. We warmly welcome excellent Chinese enterprises like CWPC, which have strength, technology, and successful experience, to work together and leverage their advantages to contribute to the development of local green energy.

Lv Xubo from Next Solar Energy Group LLC in Uzbekistan, Zhao Yan, Director of Tianjin Sinosure, and Chen Yitao, Executive Vice President of Tianjin Branch of Eleven Technology, accompanied the inspection.